What I Learned Today – “Listen For The Lesson”

Far too often we go through life on “Auto-pilot.” We’re living a life where we’re just surviving. When we do, we miss the message. I believe life is speaking to us. More directly, I believe God speaks to us. That’s my faith. You call it whatever you like, the universe, a hunch, vibes. Special messages are being delivered daily. They have the power to transform. They can change your life if you apply them. They will drastically shift your family tree. They have the power to impact the entire world. But, first, you must listen!

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At the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself. I made a commitment to LISTEN. Here’s how it’s going..

“Success Leaves Clues” –Jim Rohn


Today, I give you a little proof. Watch the video!
Tell me about when listening taught you a lesson. What did you learn?


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Photo Credit: believer9 via Compfight cc



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