Why You Should Buy The New iPhone6

It’s that time if year again.. People get up early and stand in line at stores just to get the brand new piece of tech from giant tech maker Apple. It’s also that time of year when other people attack each other because of their choice to do so. Look, I didn’t get up early. I didn’t stand in line. But, I did get the new iPhone 6 and I’ll tell you why you should too!


Watch this quick video and find out how this one little thing can literally change your life!

Was that too much of an exaggeration? Ok, maybe. Or maybe it wasn’t. Because I’m talking about something bigger than a phone. I’m talking about perspective. I mindset shift. Learning a different way of seeing things. Change the way you think & you can change your life. You can change the world!


Don’t believe me? WATCH already!

Do you see the difference now? How many times have you wasted money on things that never made you any back? How many times have you actually flushed your hard earn greenbacks down the drain for NOTHING!?! I’m willing to bet quite a few. How do I know? I’ve done it too! Guilty as charged! But, it doesn’t have to always be that way. You can decide to change. You can see the world differently today.

I used to waste my money on all kinds of stupid things. I won’t even go in to all the dumb things I spent money on. But, as I’ve gone through life, I’ve started to see things a bit more clearly you could say. I’ve started to understand where money REALLY comes from. Who’s it is. And How to use it properly. Look, I still have much to learn. All I know is that I’m moving in the right direction. And to me that’s a win. That’s why I shared this with you today.


What have you been holding back on? What have you told yourself you can’t afford? What are you willing to invest in?



I’d love to hear from you and know exactly what that is!


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p.s. How can I help? Are you struggling with the direction in your life. Do you feel like “there’s gotta be more to life than this!” Is something just “missing?” I’d love to hear from you!


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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy The New iPhone6

  1. The main thing I got from your video and I’m not sure that you used the word, invest. We need to think about tools as an investment for our business. You have to invest time, personal development, and things like a MacBook or a smart phone. For you to be able to grow, you need the necessary tools.
    Currently, I have a Samsung Galaxy 3. I love it, but people keep telling me the iPhone 6 is better. My question is, can I multi task with the iPhone. Example, this morning I was waiting for the coaching call to start… while the phone was on, I responded to a text, took a photo, and then posted it on Facebook. Can I do all that with the iPhone? I do things like that a lot. Often I’m on a call and someone will ask for an email, I can send it while on the phone. That is my main thing that I will not give up.

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