Jim Carrey’s Secret To Life

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey gave a speech at the 2014 MUM commencement ceremony. Graduates and family members listened as a very funny man poured his heart out with a very serious message. Check out Jim Carrey’s Secret To Life..

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5 thoughts on “Jim Carrey’s Secret To Life

  1. I don’t know how to feel about this guy. He and I disagree on so many thing, but here, we could not be more in harmony. The things he says in that video are powerful, and they are powerful because they are universally true. They echo words spoken by Jesus Christ; given in a non-religious way, but still powerful because of the truth that lays inside of them. We talk the talk, but we must always walk the walk. Belief alone is not sufficient. Those principles, followed faithfully, can and will open doors for us, but like having faith in a God, your actions must go along with that belief. In a way, to me, it feels like he said “God helps those who help themselves, so be good to one another and have faith in yourself as you walk forward towards being the person you want to be.”

    Incredibly well spoken and edited video. For sure a must watch for motivation.

    • I know what you mean Stephen. That’s EXACTLY why I had to post it. We have more in common than our differences. Let’s focus on what’s right in the world. Let’s shine a light on goodness.

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