Mentorship Success Formula

Are you teachable? You may have heard that finding a mentor, a teacher, or a coach is an important key to success. But, that’s only part of the formula.


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So, what’s the secret?

I made this video to tell you how powerful having a teacher(s) has been in my life. But having a teacher is only  half of the equation.


Who are your (5) FIVE closest friends? Who do you spend the most time with? They are your crystal ball. They can actually predict your future in a very powerful way.


This weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with some absolutely amazing new friends. They’re powerful on many different levels. We forged some friendships that I believe will last a lifetime.


My point is this. Get around positive people. Get around people who will lift you up. Stop hanging with people that are like a bag of bricks tied around your neck. YES! I know you have them because I do too!


“But how do I do THAT!?!” Listen, I get it. Some of these “Negative Nancys” aren’t just people you hang with. They’re people you work with and even FAMILY! You’re thinking, “I can’t just STOP seeing family can I?” Well, I won’t tell you what’s best for you. But, I’ll share what’s worked for me.


Sometimes I’ve had to just CUT people out of my life. They can be  like a cancer. Some of those were easy. Some not. But all WORTH IT! Some relationships I know I may never be able to sever completely. That’s ok. Those I limit. If someone is always worried. Always negative. Always talking about the sky falling or telling me why this won’t work and that won’t work I just cut back a bit. My phone calls may be shorter and less frequent. My visits as well.


Don’t feel guilty! You have to put yourself first. It’s just like when you fly. The flight attendant gives you the instructions right before take off. What does she say to do when the oxygen masks fall from the ceiling? Put YOURS on first! You can’t save anyone else unless you first save yourself.  You’re important. You have a powerful purpose for your life. You need to live it. If anything is getting in your way, shouldn’t you fix it?



Tell me what you’re struggling with. I’d love to hear from you!

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