How Do I Get Motivated?

Look, I know it’s tough. How? Because anything worth doing isn’t going to be easy! But the good news is, it’s worth it! So, how do you get motivated? Stay motivated? And motivate others?


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I share some secrets, tips, and insights in this short video.

What’s causing you pain right now?

Have you had success in the past? What drove you?

What pushed you?

What pulled you?

Dr. Michael Beckwith says, “Pain pushes you until your vision pulls you”

I’ll tell you a quick story that illustrates the clear difference.


A few years back I decided it was time to lose weight. At the time I weighed nearly 400 pounds! I was not happy. In fact, I was miserable. (Talk about pain!) Life was not fun. I couldn’t walk much. I had constant back pain. And emotionally I was lost. I hated other people. Well, mostly, because I hated myself. You get the picture.


I partnered with some amazing people and committed to losing 100 pounds in a very public way. I was on the radio. We made it a “Biggest Loser” style promotion. I weighed in LIVE on TV every week and was held accountable by my audience, trainers, and friends and family. Pain pushed me.


If I didn’t show up to the gym, my trainer would be ticked! He was a big body builder who was an ex hockey player. He had a bit of a temper and it would not be advisable to waste his time. Pain pushed me! I showed up every day.


I started losing weight. Right off the bat. Over 20 pounds in the first week. It was like it was just melting off! I started feeling great.


Eventually, I started getting letters, email, and phone calls from people. They were encouraging and supporting me. But, most of all, they shared their story with me. I remember one from a girl who felt absolutely lost. She had tried everything.. Nothing was working. She was near the end of her rope. She was giving up. But, then, she saw what I was struggling with. She saw how I was willing to share my journey. And something changed inside. She was inspired. She saw that if I could do it. Maybe she could too!


The crazy thing about inspiration is that it is endless. I inspired had inspired her. But what she never knew is that when she reached out, she in turn, inspired me! That energy is like a river. It’s a never-ending flow. That’s REAL power!


When I started hearing back from people who had been moved, I was moved. When I started hearing how other were inspired, I became inspired! I started to see things from a different perspective. My mind was opened. My vision was expanded.


Hey, there’s that word… VISION!


So, you see. The pain of being overweight, miserable, & depressed, first pushed me. Then, when I saw others struggling and the impact I had on them, I finally got it. It became bigger than me. I had a purpose. I could not fail. I could not be selfish. I had vision. And it now PULLED me.


Here’s the cool part. You know how hard it is at first? It’s a battle right? You have to make an effort. When pain is pushing you it’s tough. But, when vision kicks in, you pick up this thing called “momentum.” It’s like you find another gear! It truly is powerful. You find energy you never knew you had. You can do way more than you ever thought you could. That’s the power of vision.


In 2009 I lost over 100 pounds, met the woman of my dreams, & started my dream job. You may believe in coincidence. But I do not. I believe all of those things were conspiring together to help me achieve a level of success, awakening, & happiness I’d never known. Vision won’t just open doors. It knock down walls.


The key to motivation is vision.



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