The Power Of Words

Are you sabotaging yourself? Is it possible that YOU are your own worst enemy? I was.. Until I learned something so simple, it almost seems like a joke.

The Power Of Words

If your business is failing, your relationships are on the rocks, and you’re miserable and out of shape, chances are it may be YOUR fault. But, it’s simple to fix. Here’s what’s worked for me.


Watch this video and put these simple concepts to work NOW!





The book I mention in the video is What to Say When you Talk To Yourself – by Shad Helmstetter. It’s all about your thoughts. Your self-talk. This very simple concept taught in this book can transform every area of your life. If you want to dive deeper, pick it up and let me know how it helps you.





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7 thoughts on “The Power Of Words

  1. If you want another great book that really changes the way you think is Psycho Cybernetics. I love it. I bought it a few years ago and just bought the updated version. Love it! How we talk to ourselves makes all the difference.

  2. Great post Justin, I agree. Our words are more powerful than most of us realize. Thanks for sharing

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