The Biggest Marketing Mistake That’s Costing You Money

I hear it all the time. A very critical error.. Many Internet Marketers make it constantly. If you’re making it you probably don’t even notice.

attracting an audience


What is it? I’ll show you what it is and how to fix it.

Why are you blogging? Why are you podcasting? Making videos?

If the answer is, “to get more leads for my business” or to “make money” you may want to re-examine your motives.

Don’t get me wrong, those are all part of creating content. But, there’s one thing that is and should ALWAYS be first!


Serving people..


I’m big on this. You’ve heard me talk about it before. But, it’s CRUCIAL. You must put people FIRST!

I don’t care how many episodes of your podcast you have up, or how man downloads you have, it means NOTHING if you don’t CONNECT. The only way to do that is to ALWAYS put your focus on your audience. THEY are the reason for your content. Without an audience, you have nothing but a bunch of ego fluffing “pretty” videos and “cool” sounding podcasts and slick looking websites or blogs.

It’s plastic. It’s not real or authentic. Shallow. And it doesn’t last.

If you want to market yourself or a business that’s healthy and lasts, you have to actually connect. Build relationships. LOVE your people. Protect them at all costs and they will return over and over because you have built trust. Not by doing some slick NLP or fancy brainwashing technique but by doing something very real and very raw,  doing it right.

Look, I started working in radio when I was still in high school. I have over 20 years experience of building an audience. I’ve done it over and over again in major cities all across the country. So, I can tell you, you can’t fake it. Don’t even try. You will be sniffed out in a heartbeat. People aren’t stupid. They are far smarter than most marketers give them credit for. Many marketers actually don’t respect the people in their audience. They look to easy tactics to “get” people to buy their products or join their businesses. This is a BIG mistake.  You can’t GET anyone. Not in any meaningful way that will translate to a lifetime and long lasting relationship. As a matter of fact you won’t GET anywhere.

Today people have better B.S. detectors than ever before. They can smell your insincerity from miles away. You can’t afford to try shortcuts. You can’t afford to try magic pills or techniques. It’s time to get back to the basics. Do the right thing. Put people first and everything else follows.


That’s the secret..

More traffic! Clicks, views, downloads, products sold, people in your business. It’s all a PRODUCT of putting people first. Not the other way around. (Far too many people have this confused)


And it’s costing YOU money!


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Cheers! To YOUR “Life on Purpose”


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  1. Great post Justin. You are right. People soon suss out if you are being genuine or not. They key is to be honest and serving. Thanks for sharing

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