How To Use Post Planner To Get More Engagement on Facebook And Twitter


If your’e looking for more engagement, page likes, and more conversion on your Facebook page and Twitter account, take a look at this tool I use everyday to move the needle and even the playing field.

How To Use Post Planner To Get More Engagement on Facebook And Twitter


Let’s be honest, Facebook may not always play fair.

But it’s their game. And they can play how they want!


It’s your job to play within the rules.

And if you could even the playing field..

You could get better engagement, more likes for your page, & better conversion!


Increase Your Engagement On Facebook & Twitter With Post Planner

Here’s what I’ve been using to help me make an impact.


And it’s working!

*This video is a little longer than normal. I wanted to show you all of the great things about using this tool.
And I STILL didn’t get a chance to cover EVERYTHING!

I just wanted to give you a heads up. This is a comprehensive look into this awesome tool I use to Increase Engagement On Facebook & Twitter.


Take a look at Post Planner HERE

* When you sign up for a plan, you’ll be supporting this blog 🙂

That means I’ll be able to continue to bring you cool things like this ALL OF THE TIME!

PostPlanner .com

Getting setup for the yearly plan is the best savings.

You may choose the monthly option as well.

It’s really up to you.

Btw.. I use the “Master” plan with all of the bells and whistles.

click HERE to check it out..





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  1. HI Justin. I have been using Post Planner for a few weeks and it really has changed my business. More people engaged and happy with my content. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Hmm does postplanner post as ‘postplanner’ in the app name? I do like the interesting questions though. I’ve wondered how people come up with these really engaging questions.

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