Motivation Minute: 021

Stop Looking For Happiness

Episode 021

Stop Looking For Happiness

People, places, and things..

I’ve searched for happiness in all of these.

Maybe you have to..

Or You’re looking even now..


Chances are, you’re not going to FIND it.


So, how???


Bobby McFerrin may have said it best..

Don’t worry, be happy. -Bobby McFerrin

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But he wasn’t the first..

It turns out, this concept isn’t new.


A Chinese philosopher in the 4th century BC articulates it quite well.


Although it’s not quite as catchy 🙂


He says..


Happiness is the absence of striving for absence -Chuang Tzu

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Q: What could you do today to BE happy?


Happiness comes from within you.

It’s a conscious decision.


It’s your choice.

Every day, in every moment, in every way

You must choose to

BE Happy 🙂




Cheers! To YOUR “Life on Purpose”


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