TGIF – Thank God I’m Free Ep. 96


3 years ago, my life completely changed..

TGIF – Thank God I’m FREE

3 years ago my life completely changed..

I had spent twenty years working in the same career. Climbing the ladder to the top of my industry. Until I heard the words that changed it all. “We’ve decided to go in a different direction.” I was fired. I had lost my “dream job.” It was a nightmare.

But it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

In the last three years since, I’ve been “figuring it all out.”


Here’s what I knew:

  • I never wanted to work for ONE person / company ever again. I didn’t want to give anyone the power to control my life.
  • I wanted to change my lifestyle COMPLETELY! See, before, I worked EARLY morning hours (6-10am) on the radio. Plus, my job never really stopped. I was consumed. And now, I had been given a glimpse into how life could be different. How life “should” be. I wanted to create my own schedule. FULL CONTROL.
  • I wanted to live a life more in line with my true values. Who I was and what was important to me. (Before, I put my career above all else. It was very un-healthy)
  • I wanted to be happy again. I stopped. I’m not sure where it happened, but somewhere along the way, I stopped being happy. I know, that’s CRAZY considering what I GOT to do for a living.. In fact, it’s all I ever WANTED to do growing up. But somehow, I had gotten off track. Spiritually. Emotionally. I was out of touch with my truest self. Who I am at the core. I needed to get back in touch.

All of that sounds fine and good.. But I had NO idea HOW I would do it.

I didn’t even really know all of this at once.. I just knew something was OFF. I could feel it.

Do you know what I mean? Have you ever felt that way?

It’s a deep knowing. Inside. In your Gut. In your soul.


I just stuck with it.

I followed it.

I stayed faithful.

Knowing that it would all work itself out.

And it did.


I won’t go into all of the details. But I will say this. I believe God built bridges for me along the way. I’m absolutely certain. There’s NO way I could have done this on my own.

But it was the perfect combination of His work and my faith in Him that made it happen.


Faith is important. But, you gotta be ready to pull your own weight along the way..



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Cheers! To YOUR “Life on Purpose”




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  1. Thanx Justin for that video and your story. I was too laid off 2 weeks ago and now i’m full time building my business and using the fear of returning to corporate job as a motivation to succeed.

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