Somebody’s gotta win..

“Might as well be you!” That’s the cry from the Power Ball commercials..
 And tonight’s big jackpot is up to 1.6 (with a B) BILLION!
 Yeah even I’m going to buy a ticket. And I NEVER do.. WHY?

I dunno, I guess it’s because of the “what if?!”

Like, “what if?! I DO win!?”


Maybe I just don’t wanna get left out.


Either way, it’s only 2 bucks

and THAT’S cheaper than coffee these days!



NO I’m NOT writing to sell you on playing the lotto..


In fact, it’s the opposite!


If you have hopes and dreams

(and we ALL do)


I want to encourage you to do something a little different this year..





Take that course you’ve been thinking about,

buy that book, attend that seminar, book your vacation,

get PAMPERED at the spa…



Or just spend a little time alone!


Ya know that “ME time” that you so rarely get?


I’m giving you PERMISSION!




Because all too often,

we’ll hope and dream

and wish upon a star

for the things that we really and truly want in life..


But we WON’T take the action required to bring them to us!


And I’m here to tell you,





All of the wonderful, beautiful,

magical things you’ve been dreaming of..






And I’m giving you..

(Here’s that WORD again)



To go get it..











You’re SUPPOSED to have them!


Why do you think they exist?


For other people?!





If it’s possible for somebody else,

it’s possible for you!



YOU have GREATNESS inside of you.


You are NO mistake.


You weren’t just born to go to work,

pay bills

and DIE!



That’s NOT what life’s about..


There’s SO much more!


And it’s yours for the taking..

But you gotta reach out!


And claim it!


The good news is,

it doesn’t take a WHOLE heck of a lotta money.


Anyway.. Time to get off of my soap box now!


I just wanted to give you

a little LOVE & Encouragement today.



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Cheers! To YOUR “Life on Purpose”




Justin Barclay


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