Happy Spot Thoughts


There’s one thing we all have in common and one thing we can’t change. But IF we understand this one law and principle, we can harness it’s power to win BIG.

Happy Spot Thoughts

Watch this!


Lizzie and I drove out to “my happy place” yesterday. (A little family cottage on a lake near us). And as I watched the ice melt and the the awakening happening all around me, I had some powerful thoughts. I share those insights today with you.


TIP: Take a moment to turn it all off once and awhile, and get “in touch” with nature, God, the universe, yourself, (whatever you want to call it.)

We live in an age of constant distraction and stimulation.

It’s so important (now more than ever) to just clear out the cobwebs and allow yourself to just BE.

You’ll be surprised with what flows in when you make room.


Q: Where is your happy spot?

Q: What do you do to un-plug

Q: If you could change ANYTHING in your life, what would you choose to change?



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Cheers! To YOUR “Life on Purpose”




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