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On Purpose Episode 004

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Living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Tim explores topics like post-traumatic growth, survival, and self-reliance sharing how he’s turned his pain and suffering into an opportunity to help and heal others..

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Tim Lawrence “Pain: On Purpose”


In his Episode..

From a tiny hidden room, deep in the bowels of a monastery… Tim Lawrence takes a break from not speaking much & living minimally to share his extraordinary story.

In this episode Tim talks about how he’s living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, suffering major losses through his life, and helping others navigate through their pain turning adversity into advantage and living “On Purpose.”

About Tim

Tim Lawrence is a writer, speaker and the founder of The Adversity Within, a blog dedicated to examining the topic of resilience in the face of loss and adversity. Living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, he explores topics like post-traumatic growth, survival, and self-reliance. Tim is a student of Gym Jones and he once lived in residence at a monastery.


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Resources mentioned during this episode

[Book] Man’s Search for Meaning

[Book] The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph

[Blog] The Adversity Within





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