It’s ALWAYS Hustle Thirty

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When is the RIGHT time to grind?

We hear a lot of talk about morning routines these days..
But do you REALLY have to be a morning person to be an entrepreneur?


The king of hustle, Gary Vaynerchuk, answers this..

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It’s not about how much you sleep, it’s what you do while you’re awake. – @GaryVee



My take?

There’s SO much advice out there these days..

From SO many different people.

Study after study.

And it all claims to be THE key.

The ONLY answer.


But the reality?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. 

If anyone offers you a one-size fits all answer to anything for you or your business..


Cause it don’t work that way!

Life isn’t black and white.

It’s a lot more gray.


And the truth is, you only discover the REAL answers by doing.


And here’s the thing you’re gonna love to hear..


And adjusting..

That’s where the real learning happens.


My mentor always said,

“If you wanna learn to swim, ya gotta get in the pool.”



I know many people who swear by getting up early and conquering their day..

But guess what?

I know top-earners who are night owls and burn the midnight ‘hustle’ oil until the wee hours..

Is one better than the other?



In today’s heavy media age solutions are neatly packaged to sell books.

They’re slick.


And some of them work REALLY well.

But the only way to tell which one will work for you, is to try it on!

Give it a shot.

Don’t be afraid to fail.


That’s my best advice.

Only YOU know what works best for you.

Follow your gut.

You’re smarter than you even know.


Cheers! To YOUR Life “On Purpose”


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