Tuned In

One of my favorite memories, as a kid, was listening to the radio.

Naturally, I was addicted.

Do you remember the old radios?

They were much different than the ones today. They had nobs. Not buttons. They weren’t digital.

My Walkman had dials. One for volume and one for tuning. It was tricky, compared to what kids have now days. Touch a screen and pull up (On Demand) any piece of media ever made. That’s not how it was when I was growing up. It was a real skill tuning in to something special.

Hidden under the covers at night. Tucked away in my bed. Wearing my pjs and headphones. Listening for another world. Selectively scrolling.. That was the trick. That’s how you picked up the good stations. The hidden gems. You had to be meticulous. You had to be careful. Too far to the left or right? And you could lose a track of a station all together.

It was magic really. I was hearing people talk to me all over the country. From far way places. People I never knew. Talking about things I could hardly even imagine.

And that’s how it is in life too. The key is in the listening. Because, God, the universe, life (whatever you wanna call it) is ALWAYS speaking. Giving you clues. Dropping breadcrumbs. Broadcasting a message directly to you.

And that’s where the lessons lie. The truth. The learning. IF you’re really willing to pay attention, you can catch the pearls of wisdom streaming “LIVE”  constantly.

But you have to be careful. You have to selectively scroll through the static. Abandon the noise. And dial in direct. It truly is all about focus. And choices.

Are you tuned in?



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2 thoughts on “Tuned In

  1. I thought you were too young to remember the dials! 😉 Love your analogy … in life we get to scroll through the static and selectively choose. Focus and Choices – YES!

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