Your Biggest Hairiest Ugliest Mistake

I’ve been guilty..
We ALL have.

And the truth is, mistakes are ok.
Failing is fine..

As long as you LEARN from it.

In other words, don’t keep making the SAME mistakes
over and over and over AGAIN!

Take a step back, study where you went wrong,
make adjustments, and go at it again.

The learning is the key.

Give your pain purpose..

And power!

By transforming it into a WIN.
Let it serve you.

Don’t allow it to become your master.

Never let a temporary setback deter your destiny!

You were born for greatness!

Here’s your key..

Cheers! To YOUR Life “On Purpose”


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4 thoughts on “Your Biggest Hairiest Ugliest Mistake

  1. Love it Justin!

    Failures and mistakes should only serve as learning lessons for bigger and greater things in life 🙂

  2. Thanks for this awesome motivation nugget Justin. It’s about failing forward and learning from every experience we have, good or bad! Thanks

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