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On Purpose Episode 11

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How do you thrive in chaos? When the market crashed, real estate rock star, Mark Gleason hit bottom. He tells the story of how he climbed out.. and is back on top. Mark is Positively “On Purpose.”

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Mark Gleason “Enthusiasm On Purpose”


In his Episode..

  • Mark reveals the mindset hacks that allowed him to not only survive but THRIVE in tragic economic times
  • We uncover powerful principles to lay the foundation for success in any field
  • Practical steps to living intentionally in your personal life and business
  • How to eliminate negative self-talk

About Mark

He calls himself “The Optimistic Leader”.  Mark Gleason is a self-made entrepreneur who simply cannot resist a challenge.  Mark boasts an inspiring resume, and is probably best known for his role as a real estate agent. He has been a top Realtor since he started in the business, however, Mark’s expertise extends far beyond the sale of houses. He has experience as a real estate developer, a business manager, a company owner, and a mentor to many. By applying his lifetime of learning and continuous self-education, Mark seeks to re-engineer relationships by finding ways to do things better, faster, and with less resistance, To keep up with today’s fast paced and extraordinary world, Gleason likes to measure and monitor what works and what does not.  A lover of great ideas, Mark focuses on the value of time and what contributes to our most productive moments and does so with sheer enthusiasm for life and all of its peculiarities.  Mark believes that successful people do what other successful people do.  As long as you are not afraid to stay current, apply yourself, and commit, then you can expect success on your journey.

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Resources mentioned during this episode


[Book] Enthusiasm Every Day: Pick Yourself Up and Attack Your Day with Enthusiasm

[Book] Journeys To Success: 21 Empowering Stories Inspired By The Success Principles of Napoleon Hill


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