Who’s Justin Barclay?

On Purpose Episode 013

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From Reformed Radio Shock Jock To Inspiration Junkie.. Losing a dream job (that turned into a nightmare) was “the best day of my life!”

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Justin Barclay is “Performing On Purpose”


In his Episode..

Justin is interviewed by long time friend and peer, Eric Hultgren, about his time as a shock jock, how that changed his life, and how he became the focused inspirational host he is today.

About Justin

Justin’s passion is connecting with people. He lives to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to live “On Purpose.”

He’s spent years connecting, entertaining, and informing others on the radio all over the country.

Justin learned the keys to massive success in weight loss, media, marketing, & business are one in the same. He shares his secrets one on one with friends & family, on his “On Purpose” show with Glenn Beck’s Blaze Radio Network, & on this blog.

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Resources mentioned during this episode

Special thanks to Eric Hultgren for “Trading Places!” And bringing out much more than we could have even planned for.

You can connect with Eric here:

[Site] Eric’s Blog and Website


[Podcast] Everything Is Marketing

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Justin Barclay 

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