How To “Bee BADASS & Brilliant” with Nicole Zaagman

Podcast | Episode 037: On Purpose

podcast-blog-image_episode37What keeps you from living the life that you really want? How do you turn a rock bottom moment into a rock star opportunity? Listen to hear how Nicole turned a major loss into her own personal gain and a way to pay it forward, giving back to the world.  What happens to us and how we deal with it can truly shape our destiny. But as it turns out, we’re not the only ones with skin in the game. The choices we make have the power to impact the world. 

Learn how to break down barriers. Shatter the lies that stand in your way. Live a life full of passion and fire.

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“BADASS On Purpose”




Nicole Zaagman

Holistic Branding & Confidence Coach, Founder of LUXCHIX,  Author of Bee BADASS and Brilliant

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In this Episode..

  • What keeps you from living the life that you truly dream of
  • How to “Bee” your best most powerful self
  • How to tap into the true potential you have inside




Resources from this episode


| Books | Bee BADASS and Brilliant: A Holistic Guide to Create Success on Your Terms with Inner Peace and Confidence




Cheers! To YOUR Life “On Purpose”




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