Reinvent Yourself with James Altucher

Podcast | On Purpose: Episode 42

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? What if you could reinvent yourself? If the only constant is change, why not use it to your advantage? Here’s how..


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How To Reinvent Yourself



In this episode learn..

  • How to flip the switch to the best version of you in 2017 with James Altucher
  • How to use your deepest darkest moments to propel you forward
  • The simple secret technique Donald Trump used to become President (the same one you can use too)






[book] Choose Yourself – Be Happy, Make Millions, Live The Dream

[book] Reinvent Yourself

[podcast] The James Altucher Show




About James

I’ve reinvented my career, my interests, my life, many times over the past twenty years. This is the book I wish I had at the beginning of that long and often volatile journey. I found when I outsourced my self-esteem to only one outcome, disaster resulted. Reinvention was the key to ensuring that the outcomes in life were positive ones.

And now the entire world: technology, governments, the shifting landscapes of opportunity and success, are all turning upside down, forcing us to reinvent as individuals and as a culture. Along my own journey, I have read and encountered dozens of other successful leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and mentors who I have learned the art of reinvention from.






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3 thoughts on “Reinvent Yourself with James Altucher

  1. Awesome episode. I loved what he said about failing and that you’re allowed to cry for a day, but you have to get over it. That’s so important, you can play the victim role or pick yourself up and get back in the game. Great share Justin.

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