How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

Facebook ads can be expensive and down-right confusing. So, how do you grow your Facebook page simply and for FREE?

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Video Transcript Click Here
Hey, it’s Justin, Wanted to go ahead and show you a really cool tool to help grow your Facebook page, like by leaps and bounds. It’s really cool. I’ve been using this for a few weeks, and I’m really digging it. By the way, if you ever want tips, tricks, inspiration, tools, techniques, I give them away in my free all-access VIP newsletter,, just click there to get it and it’s yours.

It’s called the Facebook Invite Tool, so this is how it works. It’s a Chrome plug-in for Google Chrome. We go to your Facebook page. I’ll use mine as an example. Sometimes what I like to do to drive traffic, to get people talking, Facebook loves when you share other people’s content, especially something that’s gone viral. This little video is just a great example of that. It’s this little kid who’s reading a bedtime story to these dogs and they’re passed out and people love it. It’s just fun stuff.

Your Facebook page doesn’t always have to be about business. You can have some fun. Show your personality on there, too. That’s what I like to do. I wrote, “Who’s up for a nap? These pups are sleepy.” What you’ll is, people go through and you see it actually reached a lot of people, I actually boosted this too, just a few bucks. You can see how much compared organic versus paid. The organic did pretty well, but we’ve got 51 people liked this. That’s a small number too for the kind of … Normally the kind of stuff happens when I do viral things.

You’re gonna go right in though, and you’re gonna click on this line of folks that did like this post, and do you notice next to everyone’s name here you’re gonna see “liked”, there’s a little button that says “invite” on some of these. “Invite”, “invite”. You could manually go through and click all those, or you could use this really cool Google Chrome plug-in called the Invite Tool, the Facebook Invite Tool. You click “invite all”, and voila. Do you see how they’re all invited now? That’s gonna help send people a message that invites them to like your page. They can either like it or they could say, “No, it’s not for me.” But it’s up to them, and it’s a really quick, really simple way to do it. I’ve noticed a lot of growth using this. It’s a free tool. It’s a freeware.

I also use free advertising to grow my Facebook page, but this is a really cool way to do it. Again, Facebook Invite Tool. It’s with Google Chrome. I’ll put a link in the video here, and if you ever want tips, tricks, & inspiration , I help home business owners succeed online and on purpose. Whether you’ve got a blog, a book that you wanna write, you got a business, a brand, right, get your tips, tools, tricks, inspiration, tools, techniques, all of that in our all-access VIP newsletter again at Go on over, put your name and your email in, and I will see you on the inside cause I send out all kinds of great stuff just like this. Have a great day.