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Content creation can seem like a very scary and complicated process.. But what if you didn’t HAVE to create your own? What if you could generate leads and sales all while building your following and branding yourself as an expert online by simply sharing OPP.. Other People’s Content.

Let me show you what I mean..

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It’s Justin, I want to help you really quickly make something so seemingly complicated simple. When you’re first starting out online, you don’t know how to create content. You don’t know what to put out there. You don’t know what to do. Let me show you what you can do if you’re a member of My Lead System Pro, something that’s really going to help you, I think, put more content out there and attract more of the right people to you. I just used this technique and it occurred to me that as I finished using it that I could share it with you and show you exactly what I’m doing. Matter of fact, you don’t have to be a member of My Lead System Pro in order to be able to use this technique. You can actually use this technique with various different other pieces of content and other places throughout the internet.

If you’re a member of My Lead System Pro, you have access to the blog, the I just caught this great article that James Denali did about Google and the pop-up penalty on websites and blogs now. I simply took a few minutes, and let me ask you if you can do this or not. You don’t even have to be on camera to do it although I would suggest that you be on camera kind of like I am here down at the bottom or in a minimized subdued way anyway. At least, you want people to see your face. That would be optimal. I’m going to tell you, you get better results if you do that, but you don’t even have to be on camera really to do this.

I read through this blog post and Google, SEO, that’s not my strong suite, but I knew that this was great information and I wanted to share it with folks. I read the blog post, I got familiar with the content and what exactly it was and then I turned on my camera on my screen share here on my laptop and I recorded a video going through this content. Here it is on YouTube as a matter of fact. You see it’s about four minutes long. I’ll play just a little bit of it here. I’ll mute it for you so you can see but it’s just me, you can see, literally scrolling through and talking as I’m scrolling through the content. Can anyone do this? Can you do this? Absolutely.

If you want to take a look at what I did further on, I shared some of the blog post text in here. I gave them a link to the actual blog post. What am I doing? Do I have to be an expert? Absolutely not. All I’m doing is pointing. All I’m doing is inviting. Anybody can do this. I’m literally pointing to content, whether I’m the expert or not and I’m sharing it with other people. I’m sharing it with people that this may be of interest to. Again, anybody can do this. It’s an absolutely wonderful strategy. It’s super simple technique and I don’t care how advanced you are, you’re still going to want to use it at a time or two because I’m not an expert in SEO but I don’t have to be and neither do you as long as I have content with a great system like My Lead System Pro, or it could be something you found on the web somewhere else. It could be something you found off Mashable. It could be something you found off Social Media Examiner, a great social media article. You can share wonderful content with your subscribers and help build your list of subscribers.

Here’s what eventually will happen. I’ll just show you. Go on over to my website. I’ve been sharing these lately. After I’ve got it put up on YouTube and I’ve got everything kind of … By the way, I just, literally just, did this. No views, nothing yet. You see how fresh it is right? After I’ve got everything kind of set up here, what I’ll do is I’ll take it over to my website and I will post this video on my blog, share a piece of that and then I’m going to link on over to the My Lead System Pro blog, which by the way you get and get to use as part of the system if you’re in My Lead System Pro. I’ll put this blog post. Actually, I’ll make a post here in a few minutes after I get done recording this video.

Then guess what happens? This video then becomes a blog post and it becomes a YouTube video and I’ll post it on Facebook and I’ll share it on Twitter and it’ll go all over the place. You see how simple this is? You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to be super advanced to be able to do this stuff. Let me close up because I think we’re slowing down here a little bit. Let me close up a few of these pages.

See? Here’s another video that I did just the other day and it’s shared on my blog. How simple is that? You don’t even to have a blog to do this by the way. You could just use YouTube. You don’t have to have Facebook, you could just use Twitter. You could Facebook if you don’t want to use Twitter. Matter of fact, the more simple, the better. That’s what that video is about right there anyway. I just wanted to make the point that it’s a super simple strategy and anyone can use it in just minutes a day to accomplish some really good work and get content out there when you don’t even have to be the expert.

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