My Story



Justin’s passion is connecting with people. He lives to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to live “life on purpose.”

Justin understands that life isn’t always easy. He loves telling the story of how he lost over 100 pounds and has a heart for helping others do the same.

He’s spent year connecting, entertaining, and informing others on the radio all over the country. Until his “dream job” turned into a nightmare. He lost that job. And he says even then, he knew it would be “the best thing that ever happened to him.”

It’s that positive mindset that drives him. Justin believes everything happens for a reason. He knows that through it all, we make two choices. Will we allow ourselves to become bitter or better? Will we listen to life’s lessons and learn? Justin’s learned we can either “go through it or GROW through it!”

He’s learned the keys to massive success in weight loss, media, marketing, & business are one in the same. Justin shares his secrets on the radio, & on this blog.