I Have A Confession..

Hey.. it’s Justin,
I have a confession.
Real talk..
My goal is to stay authentic.
Over the last month, I’d found the day slipping from me. And the workout with it.
My workouts just weren’t getting done.
In order to prevent that from happening, I’m rearranging my schedule.
Aligning my day with my priorities.
Living more congruently.
On purpose.
Sometimes we let life get in the way..
And that’s ok.
The good news?
If you ever find yourself slipping or in a free fall..
It’s not too late to catch yourself.
Get back on track.
It’s not always easy.
In fact, it probably won’t be at first.
It will be HELL.
Because the importance of momentum is easily overlooked.
But even though it will be a grind, the best part is, it’s WORTH IT!
Just a reminder that no matter where you find yourself today. No matter where you’ve come from.. You don’t have to stay there!
YOU have greatness inside.
Time to let it shine!

PS – Wanna take a peek backstage? I’m showing you everything HERE


Do it NOW!

Life is just too damn short.. Please, whatever you do, LIVE it today.

I just got word that a young father of two passed away last night. He was battling cancer. He just lost that fight.

You never know how much time you have left..

Time to write that novel, make your art, travel the world, or hold your children.



You may want to help his family with medical expenses. Find the link HERE